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Program ideas Uzbekistan

Program ideas Uzbekistan

Teambuilding in Uzbekistan

Quadrocycle is one of the most unforgettable kinds of recreation. It may be combined with racing that makes this kind of recreation activity more interesting and lively.

The guests get a chance not only to feel the speed and drive of racing across country but also to enter the speed and logic competition that will allow feeling deeply the taste of victory.

All the racings stages are specially selected in such a way that it is impossible to carry them out being alone. For this purpose, the efforts of all the team members are required. And the most important thing is striving for victory!

All the participants are divided into teams. Each team has two two-seat quadrocycles. The teams are supposed to bring all the participants to a stage and to complete it. After that they will move riding their quadrocycles to the following stage and will complete it as well. That team wins which completes all the stages faster than the others.